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Words of Power – Book

Celestial Words of Power – Amazing Power to Transform

When Jan and I were given Celestial Resonance, otherwise known as Divine Resonance, or Divine or Celestial Words of Power to resonate as part of the daily transformation sessions we gave each other, we were amazed at the speed at which these Words of Power would create change. For more about how we came upon Divine or Celestial Words of Power click here.


We were both trained in kinesiology, otherwise known as muscle testing or muscle checking. Kinesiology not only allows you to find out what is going on within a person’s system and ‘balance’ it, it also allows you to measure how well a healing or transformation process is going. This measuring process is important because it will tell you how well the Words of Power are working, especially if you know what to measure.

Divine Healing and Divine Light

Among the first Divine Resonances we were given were ‘Heal Thyself’ and  ‘Divine Light’. These two, alone, created huge changes far beyond anything we had experienced in kinesiology before.

More Divine Resonance

As we used ‘Heal Thyself’ and  ‘Divine Light’ beneficially and integrated their power into our beings, we were allowed to receive more words of power, such as Divine Peace, Divine Harmony, Divine Strength, Divine Power, Divine Acceptance, Divine Goodness, Divine Creativity, Divine Righteousness, Divine Force, Divine Courage, Divine and Unconditional Love, and Divine Justice. These additional Divine Words accelerated our transformations.

Higher than Divine Resonance

We encountered a whole new level of Celestial Resonance that raised our vibration to a level that is Higher Than Divine. This fact alone, the fact that there is really at least one level above Divine, means that the whole of religious and spiritual thinking needs to be revised. I would like to see this occur in my time but I realize that deep rooted beliefs are hard to shift.

The Grand Program For Transformation

This book also includes the Grand Program For Transformation, aka Grand Transformation Program. At the spiritual level just about everyone has so-called “programs” that limit their spiritual growth. Installing the Grand Program For Transformation gives your spirit a life-long set of instructions to follow that lead you along your sacred path and  “safeguard you for any eventuality”, in a spiritual sense.

Speed up the growth even more

Words of Power were given to us, Jan and Wal, so that we could complete our purpose of healing the Earth, otherwise known as Earth Mother. If you also use them to heal the Earth then Earth Mother will heal you back in return. This means you receive a benefit from using them to heal Earth Mother, and then you get a bonus when she returns healing to you.

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