Genetically Modified Foods – Are They Worth the Risk?

by Wal on February 8, 2010 · 11 comments

This is a crucial time for us all. There are many upon the Earth who harm the Earth. They harm the natural laws and they harm the natural flow of energy within the Earth.

What are genetically modified foods?

Genetically modified foods, or GM foods, are animals and plants that have had their genetic structure altered in some way. Scientists do this genetic manipulation or gene splicing by taking a gene from one animal or plant and inserting it into the genetic structure of another animal or plant. This means that a gene from a fluorescent jelly fish could be placed into a pig cell and you would then get glow-in-the-dark pigs. (I suppose this makes pork chops easier to find on your dinner plate if the lights go out).

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Fluorescent Pig – Fluorescent Piglets

Warning! genetically modified foods may lead to disaster

Those scientists, and the Multinational Corporations they work for, who are tampering with genetics and DNA to make genetically modified foods and other genetically modified organisms, are making a big mistake. They will be stopped. They will be stopped in one of two ways. Either

  1. Sufficient numbers of people around the world will protest loudly enough that governments take action to once and for all to stop research and production of GM foods, or,
  2. The growth of GM foods will get out of hand and wipe out all life on the planet as we know it, including the scientists and the corporation owners and all of their descendants.

Stop NOW!

Either way, the production of genetically modified foods will be stopped. Along the way there will be disease and death brought about in many ways, for instance by the food becoming toxic or  inedible, or food becoming scarce due to insufficient pollination of flowers due to bees being wiped out by genetically modified plants that have been bred to produce insecticide.

Will humans survive genetically modified foods?

The irony is that these greedy people who run the multi-national food and pharmaceutical corporations, have manipulated public opinion by saying that the world needs GM foods in order to produce more food to meet the demands of an increasing population.

Is producing genetically modified foods worth the risk?

How often have you heard scientist say, “It’s worth the risk”. But they don’t tell you what the risk is. They don’t say that the risk of producing genetically modified foods is the destruction of not only human life, but all life on our beautiful planet.

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Eat natural foods, not genetically modified foods

Genetically Modified Foods made to a formula - not a recipeYou deserve better than that, you deserve to eat food that has not been tampered with as it is dangerous and against the laws of nature. You deserve to eat natural foods that enhance life, foods that have been created by nature, and are edible and not created in some chemical factory or some science lab. Consume that which is recipe, not formula, and you will be helping your health, wellbeing, and that of your future generations.

What if I am forced to eat genetically modified food?

Celestial Words of PowerIt is conceivable that there could come a time when you have no choice, a time when all the food available is contaminated (let’s pray that it doesn’t come to this). Our information is that by expanding divine qualities within yourself with the use of Celestial Words of Power and exercises given in our other book The Path to Divinity, then eating and drinking GM contaminated foods will not have such a bad effect on you compared to others who do not use these tools.

What else can I do?

Take every opportunity to speak out against the use of GM foods. Tell your friends, support opposition groups, vote for sympathetic politicians, let your thoughts be known on social media such as Facebook, leave comment on appropriate blogs. Take action whenever the opportunity arises to stop the production of genetically modified foods.

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