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Overview of an Earth Healer

and Enlightenment Specialist

Part 1

Hello, my name is Wal. I am a Complementary Transformationist living in the picturesque Adelaide Hills with my lovely wife, Jan, and our big white dog. We have 3 adult children and a grandchild. In the early 1990’s, Jan and I developed a method of spiritual growth, spiritual transformation, spiritual healing, and spiritual enlightenment called ‘Celestial Transformation’ or `Celestial Enlightenment’ which is the highest form of spiritual growth, spiritual healing and enlightenment in the world today. And so we began a business, `Personal Transformation’, to assist others in achieving their spiritual goals. Celestial Enlightenment, the most powerful form of spiritual growth, spiritual healing and enlightenment in the world today, takes you beyond spiritual to divine, and then beyond that. We explain this in our books, `The Path To Divinity’ and `Words of Power, Resonance for the Golden Age’. We subsequently added several other techniques to our work to provide a more holistic experience for our clients.

Complementary Transformationist

The term ‘Complementary Transformationist’, as it applies to me, means many things, including: Natural Transformationist, Holistic Transformationist, Life Coach, Spiritual Guide, Spiritual Specialist, Human Change Catalyst, Earth Healer, EFT Practitioner, Master NLP Practitioner, and Kinesiologist. Whatever I am called, most sessions come with a bonus of some enlightenment, whether that is what the person came to me for or not.

Natural Transformationist

I support natural methods of therapy. I use, in particular, Kinesiology, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Celestial Enlightenment, the highest form of spiritual growth, spiritual healing and enlightenment in the world today, and I use a few other modalities sometimes as required. Natural Transformationists cover a broad spectrum of practices and usually focus on just a few that they are particularly good at, as I do.

Holistic Transformationist

This term Holistic Transformationist is an indication of the levels at which I seek to assist others to heal, physical, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual, divine, higher than divine, unconscious, dark side, inner child, masculine power and feminine power. Many holistic transformationists do not treat the number of levels that I do and stop at spiritual healing and don’t go on to heal the divine and higher. I aim for the highest of beneficence in all that I do and therefore all sessions encourage positive, beneficial, spiritual growth.

Life coach or Spiritual Guide

My role as a Life Coach or Spiritual Guide is to help people as they travel their Sacred Path and it involves using kinesiology, spiritual healing, and messages coming from within the client’s Highest of Self, and from the client’s higher support network, to advise the client in life issues. To do this the client needs to be prepared with suitable questions, because there is an infinite array of information available, and questions enable the focusing in on the information that is pertinent. This method of answering questions can also generate a want within the client, something that they want help with, that generates an item to be resolved via Celestial Enlightenment, the highest method of spiritual growth, spiritual healing and enlightenment in the world today. For instance, they might ask why a particular challenging event happened in their life, with the answer, ‘Because of Past Life Karma’, and they will then want me to have a look at their karma and help them process it so they don’t have any more of those sorts of events in their life. Spiritual healing of karma results in further spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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